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Welcome to Annie's Blog! 

I am Annie! Yes, the daughter behind Annie's Bloomers, and I am proud to be writing to you all today. First off, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog. This platform has been created to share all the amazing information my parents have passed down to me throughout the years about plants, how to care for them, where to put them, and more. However, before divulging all my secrets, I think its best you get to know me first. 


3 random facts about me: 

1. Nursery work is my life and I love it! 

2. Horses are my children; I own 13 of my own!  

3. My enneagram number is a 2. (This is a personality test that indicates traits based on numbers, and the number 2 indicates that I am a Helper. Therefore, here I am helping you all choose and raise the healthiest plants ever!) 


That's all for today! As always, "we're rooting for you"! 


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