Become a Green Thumb

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Hey Friends! 

There are so many hearts out there that have the desire to grow, but are discouraged each time they try. Well, today I am here to walk you through some easy tips to develop your green thumb!

1. What does it mean to have a "green thumb"? 

It means to have an exceptional aptitude for gardening and for growing plants successfully. 

2. Start small. 

The smaller your garden is the more manageable it is; the less variability means its less confusing. If it was my first time gardening, I'd buy a rectangular planter from your local home improvement store or garden center.

3. Consider your Resources. 

A source of water and the sun are your free and essential resources. When choosing where to place our planter, keep the sun in mind, not where it would look most aesthetic. Also, how will you water your plants? Consider moving the planter closer to a hose, or even closer to your door if you are filling a watering can. They get heavy after a few fill ups! Also, make sure you have planned for appropriate water drainage from the bottom of your planter.

4. Get the right tools! 

If planting outside in a garden, consider purchasing gardening gloves, pruning shears, loopers, garden fork, hand trowel, spade, rake, hoe, garden hose with adjustable nozzle, and a wheel barrow. Otherwise, a basic watering can and small hand trowel will do the trick for house plants. 

5. Plant what grows where you live and more importantly, what you love! 

Gardening will always be hard if you are not planting things that are suitable to the climate you live in, and especially difficult if you are gardening things you aren't fond of! You have a sense of responsibility when you are gardening, so grow what you can be proud of and possibly even eat too! 

6. Ask Questions! 

Ask fellow "green thumbs" questions! Gardening is a hobby worth sharing for its emotional yield and therapeutic nature. Others should be more than happy to help, and I am always available to tips and tricks! Just direct message Annie's Bloomers on Instagram or Facebook for an honest answer to your questions! 

7. Keep trying! 

Gardening is hard, but in the end, it is worth every minute! My parents always encouraged me to continue even when the road gets rough, because it only teaches you more lessons, builds resilience, and produces gratitude. 

As always, "we're rooting for you!"


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