Garden Design for Beginners

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Hey Friends! 

There are many ways to design a garden bed, but here are a five tips I like to employ while planning my garden design. 

1. Pick a color theme. The color theme is so important because it is the first thing a person will notice and feel about a garden.

Do you want a more exciting, dramatic color theme or a more calm, soft color theme? The warm colors like red, orange, yellow are exciting colors to plant together that inspire happiness in those who see it. On the contrary, cooler colors like purples, blues, deep greens, pink and white invite relaxation in to a garden and for those who gaze upon it.  

2. Heights Matter. Build your garden bed from smallest to tallest. This will elude to elevation and it will allow all the flowers, grasses, foliage, and more to shine. For example, a bed of sweet potato vines that trickles down from the base of tall, regal purple fountain grasses, not only varies in height, but also ties the landscape design together. 

3. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. In a garden or landscape design, it is easy to create repetition which elongates the design granting it an everlasting look. It might sound too simple, but it is truly a matter of picking a few plants that meld well together and repeating it throughout. Its quite a sought after look that many professionals practice. 

4. Don't be afraid of texture! Complex texture disrupts monotonous looks and keeps the eyes engaged with the design. It creates interest! For example, when planning a design that borders a pathway rows of coleus and ruellia add a change in texture, color and shape. 

5. Colorful Foliage is Key. Do not rely solely on flowers for color. There are an infinite number of colorful foliages that bring a pop of color to garden design, especially when it comes to coleus, my personal favorite. 

As always, "we're rooting for you!"



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