How to care for Bougainvilleas

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Hello Friends! 

How do you care for a bougainvillea? That is the question for this week.

Well, a bougainvillea is a magnificent shrub with bright colored blooms and oval leaves. It is labeled as a USDA Cold Hardiness plant for Zones 9-11. This plant produces more flowers with the more sunlight it receives. Placing this plant in the shade will not allow the bougainvillea to shine like the star it is supposed to be. Another important component is moderate watering. A common mistake among many plant owners is overwatering their plants.

To avoid this mistake, it is important to understand the photosynthesis of the plants. To put it simply, the water a plant receives must have time to travel from the roots to the leaves to the atmosphere. Not only does the plant need time to absorb the water, but also the time to grow for the need of water. For example, the human body needs time to absorb the nutrients after eating a meal, and then it needs time to grow hungry again. Similarly, a plant will stretch its roots searching and thirsting for water in the soil, and this is an advantageous practice for the plant, because it indicates healthy growth. Once the soil feels dry, shower your bougainvillea at the base of the plant directly in the soil for about 15 seconds per gallon of soil its planted in. Watering times will vary dependent on where you bougainvillea is planted and what your plant needs based on the climate conditions. So, on rainy days (even cloudy days) don't water your bougainvilleas. 

Now there are many different practices out there on how to water your plants, but this is a practice we have used for over 30 years with Robrick Nursery, Inc. and it has granted us major success; therefore, I can advocate for it! Good luck watering and caring for your bougainvilleas! 

As always, "we're rooting for you"! 


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