How to Care for Vines

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Hey Friends! 

Today I will be discussing some tips on how to care for vining plants, indoor or outdoor! 

When it comes to watering vines, it is important to allow the soil to completely dry out before watering the plant again. Different size vines require different amounts of water meaning different drying out times, so my best advice is to wait until the soil feels completely dried out, or the soil starts to pull away from the edge of the pot.

Climbing vines will also need to be pruned on occasion to restrain their extensive lengths. Pruning your vines will encourage bushier growth patterns which result in a higher yield of blooms. It is best to prune in the Spring prior to the onset of new growth, but it is not uncommon to also prune in the Fall for a rapidly growing vine. Prune just above the swelling where the leaf was for the best results.

Additionally, Vine plants need something to climb on or the ability to hang. Vines can grow on trellises, fences, walls, and in hanging pots or window boxes. It is important to repot your vine on occasion as well. When repotting, go up two pot sizes and transplant in the Spring when growth is most vigorious. Expect some level of transplant shock, but the plant will bounce back in no time.   

As always, "we're rooting for you!"


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