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Its as simple as 1-2-3! 

There's truly no mystery to creating an eye-catching container planter. You just need to know the 3 perfect ingredients: spiller, filler, and thriller. 

A spiller is the splash of mischief that is meant to tumble out of the pot and soften the edges of the design. When container planting it is important to have a spiller that will touch the earth because it signifies being grounded in its identity. Great examples of spillers would include: Sweet Potato Vines, Creeping Fig Vine, Scaevola and Verbenas. 

A filler is meant to compliment but not overwhelm the thriller. They are typically the finely-textured, colorful counter to the star of the show. The filler is meant to pull the thriller and the spiller together to tell a fluid story. Common filler include: Coleus, Persian shield, and Plectranthus. 

Finally, the thriller is the star of container planting. Thrillers are tall, eye-catching, upright, dramatic, and architectural components to the container planter. It is the starting point and focal point of the container. The most popular thrillers include: Pennisetum Red Grass, Cat Whiskers, and Milkweeds. If you'd like to go the extra mile, a narrow tower trellis is the center of a container plants can allow a spiller as stunning as a bougainvillea to be the thriller of the container. 

The variations are endless yet the ingredients so simple... spiller, filler, thriller. 

As always, "we're rooting for you", 


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