About Us

The story begins in 1989 when Richard and Mary Kearley follow their passions and build a nursery for starter plants that will brighten and diversify landscapes across America. The happy couple decided to name the nursery after the two kids that light up their lives every day. The kids names are Robyn and Richard III (or Rick), together forming Robrick Nursery, Inc.

After many years of success, Richard and Mary were blessed with their third child, Annie. As a successful wholesaler, Robrick Nursery decided it was time to build a retail division in 2018, which was rightfully named Annie's Bloomers, to honor their child. 

Robrick Nursery, Inc. values family highly and found that a retail division would allow the company to positively influence not only landscapes, but homes. A home is not complete without some plants that bring life, light, and serenity. So please take time to browse and find the best plant fit for your family, because that is what we are all about!