Bougainvillea 'Thai Delight'

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Bougainvillea Thai Delight

Two 4 inch pots with two plants per pot.

  • Growth Habit Upright Bush
  • Mature Height 4-6'
  • Cold Hardy Zone 10
  • Bloom Time Spring through Fall
  • Temperature Grows best in temperatures above 60 degrees
  • Light Full Sun
  • Container 4'', 1, 2 gallon container or basket
  • Plants Container 1-4 plants
  • Bloom Size Large clusters of 2'' flowers
  • Fertilizer 150 ppm of a general purpose feed
  • Pinching 2-3 pinches are needed at 3-4 week intervals especially after blooming to encourage more blooms.
Very nice color. It's an interesting blend of creamy white and pink. Reasonably strong growing plant yet still a candidate for hanging baskets or large containers growing.