Bougainvillea 'Blueberry Ice'

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Compact and perfect for small, sunny spaces. Cascading masses of Purpleish-Pink flower-like bracts are offset by variegated green and white foliage. Mass in shrub beds, or feature in patio containers and hanging baskets. Evergreen in frost-free climates; provides superb warm season color in colder winter areas. Please Note: Shipping to Arizona is unavailable.

  • Two 4-Inch Pots, Each Containing 2 Small Starter Plants.
  • Blueberry Ice Produces Vibrant Purple Flowers Through Spring and Fall, Along with a Variegated Leaf Pattern.
  • Likes Full Sun and Moderate Watering. Though it is Drought Tolerant Once Established.
  • USDA Cold Hardiness: Zones 9-11
  • Grows well in hanging baskets, planters, flowerbeds, rock gardens, almost anywhere you can think!