Bougainvillea 'Double Red'

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Vigorous evergreen shrub/vine, maturing up to 2-3 feet in height. Large 3-4 inch red clusters of double blooms. Blooms from spring to fall. Grows best in full sun. Prefers drier soil. May be massed in shrub beds, wall side borders or ground cover for banks. May also be planted in rock gardens or containers. Flowers are borne on stems clad with short thorns and wavy-edged oval green leaves. Please Note: Shipping to Arizona is unavailable.

  • Two 4-Inch Pots, Each Containing 2 Small Starter Plants.
  • Double Red Produces Double Clusters of Deep Pink Flowers Through Spring and Fall
  • Likes Full Sun and Moderate Watering. Though it is Drought Tolerant Once Established.
  • USDA Cold Hardiness: Zones 9-11
  • Grows well in hanging baskets, planters, flowerbeds, rock gardens, almost anywhere you can think!