Clerodendrum 'Bleeding Heart' White

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The Bleeding Heart White Clerodendum Vine produces large clusters of white, bell shaped, flower like calyces from which deep red almost butterfly-like flowers emerge. This vigorous tropical climber will flower throughout the warmer months of the year or practically year round where protected from frosts and freezes. The dark green foliage acts as the perfect foil for the long-lasting bright white calyces. Also suitable as a container plant in cooler climates. Please Note: Shipping to Arizona is unavailable.

  • Two 4-Inch Pots, Each Containing 2 Small Starter Plants.
  • Bleeding Heart White Produces Vibrant White Flowers with Red Centers Through Spring and Fall
  • Likes Partial Shade with Bright Morning Light, and Moderate Watering.
  • USDA Cold Hardiness: Zones 9-11
  • Grows well in hanging baskets, planters, flowerbeds, walls, trellises, anywhere it can climb and explore!